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Noli Timere


This, Here: Making Noli Timere

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Digital [downloads] and  physical [CDs, vinyl] copies of albums can be purchased through Bandcamp [Paypal, credit and debit].

Digital album downloads and streams are also available via TidaliTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc..

CandD sea photo paper 2017 300.jpg
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We, Colleen (Coco!) Collins and David (Dave!) Trenaman,

met on a bus to a rave in London, Ontario, Canada

in about 1994.

And Construction & Destruction started in about 2005, or so.


We’ve been together for more than half of our lives,

and currently work out of Port Greville, Nova Scotia,

where we’ve lived since 2003 in an old house by the sea.


We keep things yar by sharing song-writing, instrumentation,

art and production duties.  And all other general

rock and roll duties.


We seek to put to song the universal grammar of the heart,

and record, ourselves and others, in the Quarantine: our living-room studio.


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